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The Tauranga CBD meets at Sharp Tudhope L 4, 152 Devonport Road TAURANGA 3110 every second Thursday 9.00am- 10.00am.

The Leadership Team

Leadership Team: Facilitator
Name: Karyn Grindlay
Business Name: Everyday Eco
Industry: Household product
Business Phone:
Email: karyngrindlay@outlook.com
Website: https://www.everydayeco.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/karyngrindlay

Meet the Group members

Name: Rose Gilmore
Business Name: Stratus Blue
Industry: Computers & IT
Business Phone: 07 777 0010
Email: rose@stratusblue.co.nz
Website: www.stratusblue.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/8474
Name: Car San Diego
Business Name: Sharp Tudhope Lawyers
Industry: Property Law
Business Phone: 07 9282000
Email: CarSD@st.co.nz
Website: https://sharptudhope.co.nz/people/car-san-diego/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/carsandiego
Name: Kimberley Blackwell
Business Name: Vega Mortgages
Industry: Mortgage advising
Business Phone:
Email: kimberly@vegalend.co.nz
Name: Vicky Lam
Business Name: Celero Services Ltd
Industry: Bookkeeper
Business Phone: 0226568968
Email: vicky@celero.co.nz
Website: www.celero.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/vickylam
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